- It Doesn't Look Good, But Looks Can Be Deceiving

This website allows customers to read about and buy short-term car insurance deals. On the left of the main page there are a whole host of useful links where users can learn about why and how short-term car insurance is an invaluable option in certain situations. While this website may not be much to look at, it is important to remember that looks can be deceiving. What lies underneath the unpolished, raw exterior is a company who know what they are talking about and who are are eager to give fast, efficient, low-cost, shot-term car insurance to you.

When I looked at I first noticed the single image on the front page which showed a generic car with no number plate or driver. I thought this was a bad choice for a car insurance company because car insurance is all about cars AND drivers together, it would be better to see pictures of happy, smiling drivers to suggest that this company is trustworthy and can satisfy its customers.

The next thing I noticed was a big yellow button which I could click if I wanted to purchase car insurance. Having not yet learned anything about the service or prices, I didn't feel ready to commit to buying any cover. As a conscientious shopper I think it would be better to first see some information about cost and different available plans before being asked to buy.

I then continued down the page where I saw something that reassured me. Three red bullet points stood out next to three pieces of very important information regarding how long the process would take and what I could buy with this company.

Feeling intrigued by the information in the bullet points I decided to read on. Although I usually don't like to read a lot of writing, I didn't mind this time because the information was useful and answered all my questions before I even knew I had them. It was great to learn about who can buy insurance and under what conditions.

I decided to spend more time reading on the website to see if I felt I could trust this company. When I started reading I was happy with the information which covered topics I had not previously considered. It was clear to me that this company has a lot of information which they are giving to their customers to help them make the best decisions when buying short-term car insurance.

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